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Episode 33: How to Avoid Muscle Cramps While Running

Dealing with cramps can be annoying and impact your training or worse, a race. Figuring out what causes them and why they occurred can be downright frustrating because a lot of factors contribute to cramps.  In this episode I answer a listener question and talk about some of the factors that can lead to cramps.


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Shout outs:

  • Geoff Alaishuski for completing his first full marathon at the Harrisburg Marathon with a 4:07:53.
  • Michael King for completing his first marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon.Congratulations!

Main Topic:

This week I am answering a listener question on how to prevent and deal with muscle cramps while training for or running a marathon.  This is a very common problem and one that has many aspects to it.  As you will see, what we have been led to believe, dehydration and/or electrolyte imbalance may not be the real cause of muscle cramps in endurance runners.

We cover the most likely causes, latest research and I share an article on muscle cramps by Pike Athletics that is a must read!

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Steve is a RRCA and USA Track and Field certified running coach and club director for Run Fit Running Club in Central Ohio. He is the host of the Start Running Podcast and Marathon Training Podcast which can be found in iTunes.

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  1. Michael King
    Michael King04-01-2013

    Hey coach Steve Thanks for the shout out. Ive been behind on listenting to the podcasts lately getting caught up now and was very suprised to hear a shout out to me. Thanks. MCM was great I was fortunate/very lucky/persistant enough to get in again this year and planning a few marathons before that now too. Gotta say I love your analogy about hydration and pouring water down a hill. That is excellent and so true. Thanks for all the tips and advice what a great forum. Peace.

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