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Best headphones for running

The Best Headphones For Running

There are generally two pieces of equipment that I rarely leave home with when heading out for a run besides my running shoes.  My GPS watch, and what I believe to be the best headphones for running, the Bose SIE2i sport headphones.  Since Christmas is here, I thought I would take a second and share my thoughts in case you are looking for the perfect gift for runners.

BOSE-SIE2i best running headphones

Here is why I believe the Bose SIE2i is the best headphones for running:

BOSE SIE2i – It took me several attempts of selecting headphones before I found a pair that first and foremost “stayed in my ears!” and sounded great at the same time.  I have always been a Bose fan since I purchased my Bose Acoustimass surround sound home entertainment system.  Incredible sound.

I used to use the apple headphones and for a lot of people they sound good enough;  and they are unless you really want a pair of great sounding headphones that add clarity, depth, and virtually eliminates outside noise. It really takes the fidelity of sound up two notches.  If you have ever owned a pair of high end headphones, you know what I mean. You really can tell the difference.


Honorable Mention:

jaybird x running headphones

  • Jaybird Bluebuds X – OK, so these aren’t bad. Most people really like them, but for some reason they do not stay in my ears that well. They sound great, but it seems like I am putting them back in my ear about once a mile on a run.  To me that was the deal killer, but then again, maybe I just have Dumbo ears.



Klipsch Image A5i Sport headphones

  • Klipsch Image A5i Sport In-Ear Headphones – These get an honorable mention because I actually liked them despite the less than stellar reviews they get on Amazon.  My only gripe was that the wire wore out, or shorted out thus rendering my left ear bud side, broke. Something you should not expect in the $100+ headphone market, especially since I took real good care of them.



Running Headphones to avoid:

beats by dre running headphones

  • Beats by Dre PowerbeatsI just did not dig the sound. I don’t know if it is all hype or it is just me, but I was disappointed with them. I though my factory ipod headphones sounded just as good.  At $149 when I bought them, it was a waste of money in my opinion.

When it comes to purchasing the best headphones for running, it is hard to shell out a lot of money, but I look at it this way. I spend a LOT of time running. I want sport headphones that will last, but also sound great.


These are just my opinions based on my experiences.  What do you think? What running headphones would you recommend to other runners?  Thoughts?  Feel free to leave comments below or start a discussion on Facebook.

  • Here is the link to get a free audiobook just for trying out Audible. If you don’t like it, cancel and keep the book. This is a great program for listening to something while you run. A lot of great running books out there too!

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Happy running!


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Steve is a RRCA and USA Track and Field certified running coach and club director for Run Fit Running Club in Central Ohio. He is the host of the Start Running Podcast and Marathon Training Podcast which can be found in iTunes.

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